Our Process

We know just how daunting writing can be.  From grant proposals to business support papers, custom articles, exercise books, memoirs, and how-to personal development books, we’ve done it.  So we know better than to leave you stranded.

We believe that the process of writing is one of the best learning tools available.  You learn about ideas beyond your own, which expands your world view.  You learn that you will never know all there is to know on any given topic; and you’ll also learn that what others have to say does not diminish your perspective.  This process is called research.  It demonstrates your commitment to understanding and value.

We ask that your writing process be iterative; the first version rarely accomplishes what you had in mind.  As you write, you learn that the first thing that comes to mind probably needs refining.  When you hear what you have written read aloud, it may or may not communicate the message you intended.   It’s amazing how the written word can convey different pictures with the slightest change in arrangement.

Our process also helps you to define your audience, and see what moves them to action.  Sometimes it may move you to slightly alter your original concept, but in a good way.

At the end of the day,  the process that we follow will improve your end product.  That’s what counts.

We believe it helps to provide self-help tools and information. To that end this site provides links to a wealth of online resources.  Visit our Writers’ Links directory where you’ll find a broad array of tools.

Visit our consultancy link to select the assistance you need to help you realize your dream of writing, selecting a literary agent, self-publishing, and speaking on your favorite topic.

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