Strategy consulting

Enterprise Level – LHP works with small business organizations to help them identify problems whose solutions can be leveraged as opportunities, construct a SWOT analysis of new opportunities, work collaboratively to develop a process develop a process that transforms ideas to new services.  Industries where this process has been launched include Communications, Customer Service, Higher Education, and Consultancies.

Personal Development – LHP works with individuals to help them discover “the goldmine in their brain,” and leverage the information to develop and launch products.  Examples are books, websites, and services.

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  Content development

LHP helps small businesses create website content that captures their stories and presents them to a worldwide audiences.  Associates sometimes build on the original concept, expanding their offering to include worldwide online communities.          LHP also assists clients in developing newsletters, newspapers, training content on leadership, success, and customer relationship management.

STEM Digital Village  http://www.stemdigitalvillage.com/stem/

Linc Project  http://lincproject.com/

Leverage Your Resources http://leverage-your-resources.com/


LLIFE    http://www.llife.org

Dr. Gerald  http://www.drgerald.net


LHP also creates training content in areas of customer relationship management, personal development and success.

Publishing at Amazon

LHP helps new and existing authors launch their non-fiction book at Amazon.com, providing a worldwide audience for their works.

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Idea Development

Many books that LHP publishes are the result of the LHP-guided idea development process. Examples include Collaboration, Teamwork, and Networking, This Is Your Captain Speaking.

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